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About Us – Eastern Science Meditation Videos

Eastern Science Meditation Videos are created by Aaron J. Cunningham and Stacie Ant.

Aaron J. Cunningham was first inspired to explore meditation and spirituality as a child, however, it did not become a serious endeavor until 11 years ago. He has received the Green Tara Initiation from Rimpa Lama Lhanang Rinpoche. He is also a student of esoteric hermeticism and is an initiate of several schools of meditation and mysticism including Temple of Our Lady of the Stars, The Argentium Astrum, as well as the Cultus Saturni.

Aaron J. Cunningham is also an accomplished musician and artist who has received accolades in a wide variety of creative fields. he has produced and co-written 5 songs which landed in the top 20 of Billboards Heatseekers Chart. In 2016 he was named one of the Top 10 Toronto artists to watch by BlogTO. He was nominated for 3 Prism Prize Awards for his work as a creative director and video editor.

Stacie Ant has a bachelors degree from the Ontario College of Art and Design. She is a quickly rising digital artist, whose work is inspired by the intersection of spirituality and the internet. Her work has been featured in VICE magazine, Feltzine, as well as numerous galleries across the globe.

Together they combine their love for music, meditation, and video art to create immersive, relaxing, and enlightening music and videos for the enjoyment of others who share the same passion and desire for meditation. Aaron has had a fascination with synthesizers since he was young and uses his knowledge of electronic synthesis to create songs which vibrate at a frequency that helps to induce a deep state of meditation. Stacie provides a soothing voice to accompany the guided meditations.

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Artwork by Stacie Ant.

About Us - Eastern Science Meditation Videos Stacie Ant

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