15 Minute Guided Meditation Music (Relaxing) Eastern Science (2019)

December 7, 2018 Aaron J. Cunningham

Welcome to our FIRST VIDEO!!! 15 Minute Guided Meditation Music (Relaxing) Eastern Science (2019)

We gave it a super long title “15 Minute Guided Meditation Music (Relaxing) Eastern Science (2019),” this makes it easier for people to find it!

We hope you love it! We spent a lot of time and energy creating it just for you. We are sure it’s only the beginning and we will get better with each new video.

We have created this site and this video because we saw a need for better free meditation music content. We will be created a lot of more meditation music for you soon. Check our Meditation Video page often for updates and new content.

15 Minute Guided Meditation Music (Relaxing) Easter Science (2019)

Video Description:

“Enjoy this 15 Minute Guided Meditation Music (Relaxation) by http://easternscience.life Sit in a comfortable position or lie down, press play, and listen and relax. Let us take you into a deep meditation.

Our meditation videos are created with love. It is our sincerest hope that they benefit you and helps you get more in tune with your true self, sometimes called your higher self. Meditation is a chance for you to let go of all of the anxiety and worry that can fill our lives. It is a chance for you to look inward. It is a time for self-care.

Our team at Easter Science has a diverse background in meditation, music production, and art. We created Eastern Science as a labour of love. We hope that by creating these videos we can help others.

We have spent a long time honing our crafts in music and art, as well as meditating, and we hope that through this music we can share our experience with you.”

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  1. Cindy Dong

    Nice dolphins LOL. but for real, this really helped me a lot. Thanks for doing this.

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