Our Definitive list of the 10 Best 432Hz Healing Energy Meditations On Youtube

June 14, 2019 Aaron J. Cunningham

Our Definitive List of the 10 Best 432Hz Healing Energy Meditation Songs

We compiled a list of the 10 best 432Hz Healing Energy Meditations. Why? Because we love meditation music!!

At Eastern Science we love researching new ways to make meditation music better. The theory behind 432Hz is really interesting and so we decided to try as many as we could and we even made our own 432Hz Pure Healing Energy Meditation.

Since we already listened to so many unique 432Hz meditation songs we decided to compile a list of our picks for the Definitive List Of The 10 Best 432Hz Energy Meditations.

But first let’s answer a few questions. (click here to skip straight to list)

What is 423Hz? Why is it so special?

432Hz refers to an ‘A’ note that has been tuned to 432Hz, rather than the standard for an ‘A’ which is 440Hz. 432Hz is said to be mathematically consistent with the background frequency of the universe. Music based on 432Hz is said to transmit beneficial healing energy because the frequencies are in sync with our own internal rhythms and the patterns found in nature.

The standard pitch of A=440Hz does not harmonize on any level that corresponds to cosmic movement, rhythm, or natural, According to Brian T. Collins, a musician and researcher. It is theorized by some that Mozart and Verdi tuned their instruments to this natural vibration. Although it is extremely close to A=440 Hz the difference does lead to a remarkable sound which is perfect for meditation.

The idea of an optimal tuning for meditation and metaphysical music is something which has been gaining interest for more than a decade.

Why should you listen to 432Hz meditation music over types of meditation music?

The natural resonance of 432hz is something that can really click during meditation and help the mind reach a deep level of concentration. Many on our team reported that they felt rejuvenated and more alert after doing a meditation to 432hz Meditation music.

We suggest you try some and see if they work for you. There is a vast amount of meditation music available for you to listen to, some of which is tuned to 432Hz, some that has a standard tuning of 440Hz. We suggest you try them both and see what works best for you.

What are the healing benefits of 432Hz music

  • Deeper Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Overall Wellness
  • Increased Intuition
  • Activation of the Heart Chakra
  • Focused Clarity and Concentration

Music tuned to 432Hz is softer and brighter which produces greater clarity and is easier on the ears, according to Richard Huisken. Many people on our team experienced a deeper meditative and relaxed states of body and mind when listening to 432Hz music.

The 432Hz tuning gives a feeling of resonance in the heart chakra, where we “feel things,” this natural resonance with the heart chakra could have an influence on our intuition, spiritual development, and mindfulness, which would lead to an overall healing effect.

Where does 423HZ come from?

Archeological finds show that Egyptians tuned their instruments to 432Hz, according to musician and researcher Anada Bosman. It is also believed that the ancient Greeks used the same tuning.

The Italian composer Verdi, placed ‘A’ at exactly 432Hz because it produced an ideal resonance with operatic vocal parts. Similarly it has been shown that Tibetan monks used this tuning, according to sound researcher Jamie Butruff.

Why did we move away 432Hz tuning to 440Hz tuning?

In 1885 it was decided to standardize ‘A’ to 440Hz, which is now known as standard tuning, however, a year early Verdi wrote a letter addressing his opinions to the Music Commission of the Italian Government. In the letter he wrote:

“Since France has adopted a standard pitch, I advised that the example should also be followed by us; and I formally requested that the orchestras of various cities of Italy, among them that of the Scala [Milan], to lower the tuning fork to conform to the standard French one. If the musical commis­sion instituted by our government believes, for mathematical exigencies, that we should reduce the 435 vibrations of French tuning fork to 432, the difference is so small, almost imper­ceptible to the ear, that I associate myself most willingly with this.” ~ Guiseppe Verdi

Verdi’s pleas fell on deaf ears, and the American Federation of Musicians accepted the ‘A’ = 440Hz as the standard pitch in 1917, soon afterwards it spread world wide.

Of course musicians can tune their instrument however they choose, but tuning forks and tuners will most likely be produced at a standard of 440Hz.

Our experience with 432Hz Healing Meditations

Our team all tried out the meditation music in our list of the 10 Best 432HZ Healing meditations, plus many more. The majority of our team found the frequency led to a deep relaxation which felt centered in a place of healing.

It was also noted that the music was great for studying and concentration because it seemed to effect the mind in a way which led to a calm focused state. We suggest you try a few for yourself and decide for yourself.

top ten



#6. 432Hz Miracle Tone

#2. 432Hz - The DEEPEST Healing

#7. 432 Hz : Meditation Deep Relaxation


#8. 432 Hz | Deep Sleep Calming

#4. 432 hz DNA Healing

#9. EGYPTIAN ANKH l 432 Hz music

#5. 432Hz 》Nature's Healing Music 》

#10. Arcturian heart chakra sonics

Thanks so much for joining us and checking out our picks for the Top 10 432Hz Healing Energy Meditations.

We hope it helps you on your journey. We have many more meditation songs which you can find here.

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top ten
Our Definitive list of the 10 Best 432Hz Healing Energy Meditations
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Our Definitive list of the 10 Best 432Hz Healing Energy Meditations
We compiled a list of the Best 432Hz Healing Energy Meditations. Why? Because we love 432Hz meditations, so much so that we create our own.
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