The 10 Best Inner Child Meditations

October 2, 2019
October 2, 2019 Aaron J. Cunningham

The 10 Best Inner Child Healing Meditations

We compiled a list of our top 10 Inner Child Healing Meditations. Why? Because we love Inner Child Healing Meditations and think its a great way to overcome many issues we developed while growing up. We love them so much that we created two of our own inner child healing meditations. A 20 minute guided inner child healing meditation and for those with less time we created a 10 minute inner child work meditation. That being said, we know there are many other inner child healing meditations out there to choose from so we compiled a list of 10 of our favorites.

But first, let’s answer a few questions you may have. Click here to skip straight to our top ten list.

What is your inner child?

The idea was first developed by Carl Jung, who called it the “divine child archetype”. It was also popularized by New Thought leader Emmet Fox, who called it the “wonder child.”

In popular psychology and analytical psychology, inner child is an individual’s childlike aspect. It includes what a person learned as a child, before puberty. The inner child is often conceived as a semi-independent subpersonality subordinate to the waking conscious mind. The term has therapeutic applications in counseling and health settings.

In laymen’s terms, the inner child is aspects of yourself that were defined when you were very young. 

How do we heal the inner child?

There are many ideas and techniques surrounding the idea of healing the inner child. Most of these techniques involve the idea of creating a nurturing parent or protective parent, this is sometimes called reparenting yourselves.

As children learn to navigate the world, they form an inner dialogue that often mimics what their parents say. Children who grow up in a dysfunctional home, can often develop an overly critical inner dialogue that recreates their family dysfunction in their inner dialogue.

Our meditation is aimed at connecting with your inner child. With a quiet mind one can imagine they are meeting with their younger self, they can then begin to build a connection with that inner child. When we listen to our inner child and let them know they are safe and loved, we can heal some of the trauma we endured as children and begin to change our critical inner voice into one of a loving, healthy parent. We treat ourselves the way we would lovingly treat our own child.

If you suffered a lot of trauma as a child, from dysfunctional, alcoholic, or addicted parents there are 12 step support groups available, such as Adult Children of Alcoholics, that focus on healing the inner child through learning to reparent yourself.

We would also like to remind you that our meditations, and the meditations listed below, do not replace treatment from a licensed therapist.

What is an Inner Child Healing Meditation?

A Inner Child Healing Meditation, is a type of guided meditation that aims to unite the listener with their inner child. The experience of lovingly and compassionately uniting with your inner child may have profound effects on the listener.

How did we choose our list of the best inner child healing meditations?

We spoke to our team and got everyone to compile a list of their favorite inner child meditations on youtube. We then asked everyone on the team to listen to each one during their usual time for meditation practice. We also had everyone rate their experience and report back to us.

We hope our hard work paid off and that you find some peace in these powerful meditations.


The 10 Best Inner Child Healing Meditations












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