When Is The Best Time Of Day To Meditate? We Conducted A Study To Find Out!

May 8, 2019 Aaron J. Cunningham

When Is The Best Time Of Day To Meditate?

So when is the Best Time Of Day To Meditate? The simple answer is that meditating at anytime of the day can have a positive impact on your life, however, it is important to set up a routine around your meditation. It’s a good idea to pledge to yourself that you will meditate daily at a set time, be that morning, noon, afternoon, or evening.

Which bring us back to the question, “which one of those times is best for meditation?”

To discover the answer we decided to conduct a study of our own.

How did we conduct our study?

We asked our team at Eastern Science – as well as our extended network of friends, family, and Eastern Science supporters – to try meditating in the morning, noon, afternoon, and evening for one week each.

We then asked everyone to rank rate their meditation based on the following criteria:

  • How deeply they were able to meditate
  • How convenient was the meditation time
  • How easily they could maintain the scheduled time
  • The overall positive effect it had on their day

The results were very interesting and helped shed some light on the question “When is the best time to meditate?”

Why is it important to pick a time of day to meditate?

Most of us will try to commit to meditate from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, per day.

Let’s face it, making the commitment is the easy part, following through with the commitment consistently is the hard part.

Practitioners of meditation who do not set a firm time to meditate each day can face a whole slew of reasons to procrastinate. It becomes easy to push it off till later in the day, until at one point we realize there is not enough time left in the day to meditate.

If your intent is to “meditate for 20 minutes at some point today when I have time.” Before you know it, the day may rush past and you’ll find it harder and harder to find time to squeeze in a meditation.

A typical day in the life of someone who planned to meditate but couldn’t find time.

  • You wake up a bit late so you postpone your meditation till noon.
  • Then lunch comes and your boss schedules an important phone call, so you think “No problem I’ll meditate after work”
  • Next you finish work and your partner calls to say they need you to pick up a few groceries before dinner, so you think “no problem I’ll meditate after dinner.”
  • Next thing you know you’re getting tired and your partner suggest some Netflix and you think “OK I’ll meditate tomorrow. FOR SURE THIS TIME!!”

Many of us are guilty of repeating this pattern over and over again, until we commit to choosing one time to meditate every day. No Matter What!

A typical day in the life of someone who has commited to one time of day to meditate.

  • “I meditate for 20 minutes every morning at 8am. This gives me enough time to have breakfast, meditate, and slip out the door in time to get the subway to work.” – You are less likely to miss your meditation time. For example if a friend invites you out for coffee in the morning, you are more likely to say “No sorry, can we get coffee later, that is my time to meditate.

We are not saying you should choose mornings to meditate, just pick a time that works with your schedule and stick to it. Eventually if you miss your scheduled time it will feel a bit uncomfortable, and you are more likely to stick to a good routine.

Can I meditate at times other than my scheduled time?


The more time you spend meditating the better. We are saying pick a time and stick to it, but if you decide to try an evening meditation class, group meditation with friends, or just feel inspired to meditate again, that is great. Keep it up!

Many devote practitioners meditate many times throughout the day. Monks may meditate from morning to evening, rarely stopping unless the body needs nourishment, sleep, or to relieve itself.

Let’s get honest with ourselves, most of us, especially those leading busy lives in the West, do not have this much time to commit to a meditation practice that consist of meditating all day long.

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Our study on the best times of day to meditate.

Below are the results of our study. We hope it helps you choose the time to meditate daily that fits best into your schedule.

Morning Meditations:

Average Ratings out of 10

  • 7 = How deep was the meditation.
  • 8 = Convenience.
  • 7 = Likelihood of sticking to set time.
  • 9 = Positive effect on day.
  • …..
  • 31 = Total Score out of 40

Morning Meditation Pros:

Most of us found a morning meditation made it easier to navigate some of the curve balls life can throw at us with more grace, serenity, and clarity.

It was also an easy and convenient time. Most of the team found the ease of being at home and in a private space, made it an easy and convenient time to meditate.

Morning Meditation Cons:

Meditating shortly after waking can for some be a problem. The mind is still tired and some found it hard to concentrate. Others found they were dozing off a bit during there meditation time.

Noon Meditations:

Average Ratings out of 10

  • 8 = How deep was the meditation.
  • 5 = Convenience.
  • 5 = Likelihood of sticking to set time.
  • 7 = Positive effect on day.
  • …..
  • 25 = Total Score out of 40

Noon Meditation Pros:

Meditating at noon can be a great way to put a positive spin on your usual lunch break. Assuming you work 9-5, splitting up the day with some meditation can help ease daily stresses and lead to a more productive afternoon.

At noon we are fully alert and our team found this allowed us to concentrate well and fall into a deep meditation.

Noon Meditation Cons:

The biggest problem our team faced was finding a place to meditate. It may feel weird to sit at your desk or in the lunchroom and meditate while the rest of your work is going about their business. Similarly, this led many on our team to comment that this is not a time they could see choosing as a long term commitment to meditation.

One solution is, that many temples offer a drop in lunch meditation. Maybe you can find one in your area.

Afternoon Meditations:

Average Ratings out of 10

  • 6 = How deep was the meditation.
  • 5 = Convenience.
  • 5 = Likelihood of sticking to set time.
  • 7 = Positive effect on day.
  • …..
  • 23 = Total Score out of 40

Afternoon Meditation Pros:

Our team found meditating in the afternoon allowed them to slip into a comfortable and deep meditation. It also provided a much needed break in the day or was a good reward after a long day at work. Some on our team commented that it was a good way to reset and refocus one’s self.

Afternoon Meditation Cons:

Similar to noon meditations, the problem with meditating in the afternoon is that not all of us can find a convenient space. Many of us leave the house early and arrive home at night, so finding a meditation space during the day can be difficult.

Lastly, many of us face many trials and tribulations throughout the day, which can lead to a racing mind. Meditation is a great antidote to a racing mind, however, it did cause some of our team to have a hard time concentrating.

Evening Meditations:

Average Ratings out of 10

  • 8 = How deep was the meditation.
  • 6 = Convenience.
  • 6 = Likelihood of sticking to set time.
  • 7 = Positive effect on day.
  • …..
  • 27 = Total Score out of 40

Evening Meditation Pros:

Many on our team found evenings to be their favourite time to meditate. They found it to be a good way to wind down after their day and that it led to a better sleep.

Also meditating in the dark with a few candles lit, can lead to a nice comfortable atmosphere.

Evening Meditation Cons:

Our team found that setting a fixed time to meditate had an impact on their social life. Many on the team liked to set a few hours in the evening to catch up with friends, go out dancing, or go on a date and a strict fixed meditation time in the evening can interfere with all of those things. “Sorry John, would love to go out with you Friday night but I have to meditate.”

The price for best time to meditate goes too… MORNING MEDITATIONS!!!

Based on our scores we found mornings were the best time to meditate. Please keep in mind that everyone is different, please read over our notes and decide which time works best for you!

The important thing to take away from all of this is that it really is crucial to pick a time to meditate and stick to it! Don’t be to hard on yourself if and when you miss days, but get back on the horse (or meditation cushion) and start again the next day.

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When Is The Best Time Of Day To Meditate? We Conducted A Study To Find Out!
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When Is The Best Time Of Day To Meditate? We Conducted A Study To Find Out!
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